Two Great Reviews this week….

On arrival home this past weekend, from a short trip overseas , I was delighted to discover two of my favourite magazines amongst my pile of mail and Christmas cards. Both carry reviews of The Great Thorpe Railway Disaster 1874 (Pen and Sword, 2021), and I can honestly say I was blown away by both of them. Firstly, the January 2022 edition of the renowned international magazine Family Tree from Warners Group Publications, has published a review in its ‘Books and Gifts’ section. The reviewer starts her piece by describing my narrative as having ‘all the pace of a great movie’, before acknowledging the ‘enormous hard work’ that I clearly put in to my research – that much is certainly true! My thanks to Helen Tovey, Family Tree Magazine editor.

The second publication is the December 2021 edition of the popular Norfolk Ancestor magazine, published for members of the Norfolk Family History Society, boasting loyal readers from all over the globe. The editor Peter Steward describes my book as being ‘a fascinating read […] by a superb storyteller who makes everything spring to life’. With this, Peter has clearly ‘got’ exactly what I wanted to achieve and for that comment alone I am most grateful to him.

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Writer, Wife, historian, not always in that order. Fortunate to live on the River Yare in the wonderful city of Norwich, England.

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