My first public talk about The Great Thorpe Railway Disaster 1874

Yesterday was Thursday 16th September 2021 and I had the pleasure of giving my first public talk about the new book, as part of the Norwich Heritage Open Days programme. It was such an absolute honour to be asked, and I was very excited when I was assigned the Gallery in The Forum, one of the city’s iconic buildings. This not only houses the Millennium Library but also BBC Look East is broadcast from the studios within. There were just over 40 in the audience and my slides looked amazing through their state of the art equipment, cast onto the huge backdrop.

Even my new sound effects worked!

Afterwards, many people came up to speak with me, and eight of them walked away with a signed copy. This was an excellent start to my forthcoming journey with this, my third book and I must thank Samantha, Lottie and Joe for their help and support in The Forum. Next comes Thorpe Cemetery on Sunday, when Thorpe History Group is holding a Railway Day, where I will be displaying more copies of the book.

The Forum, Norwich

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Writer, Wife, biographer, historian, public speaker, not always in that order. Fortunate to live on the River Yare in the fine city of Norwich, England.

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