Blue Plaque to Patteson Brothers appears in Thorpe St Andrew June 2021

At the time of the Great Thorpe Railway Disaster of 1874, these two brothers were influential neighbours, living in grand houses opposite River Green in the Norwich village of Thorpe St Andrew. There is evidence to show that wealthy Norwich brewer Henry Patteson joined the rescuers at the collision site, just a few hundred yards from his home. Reverend John Patteson was not at home that evening, but did take a major role in the days following, preparing the Parish Church for mourners, speaking to the assembled onlookers from his church wall, conducting local funerals and attending inquests. I am indebted to The Cobbold Family History Trust for this photograph of Rev John Patteson and for more details of his life.

Having been a curate in Dorset until 1844 when he was appointed to St Jude’s in Chelsea. He married Elizabeth Hoare, the daughter of Sir Samuel Hoare in Edmonton in June 1846, and over thirteen years had two sons and three daughters. In 1855 he moved to Spitalfields, before becoming rector of Thorpe-Next-Norwich in 1867. It would be his longest incumbency, leaving in 1896, becoming Rural Dean of Blomfield in 1870 and honorary canon of Norwich in 1882. On 6th September 1902, he died whilst addressing his guests at a garden party.

You can learn more about the Patteson brothers in the pages of a new book from my friends at the Thorpe History Group, called Thorpe People. See the link below for more details.

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